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In partnership with xAd, we produced a comprehensive Mobile Path-to-Purchase research study, conducted by The Nielsen Company. Results of the 2014 study were compiled by Nielsen from an online survey and on-device behavioral data from 6,000 U.S. smartphone and tablet users focused on the Automotive, Entertainment, Restaurant and Telecom categories.

2/3 of mobile-driven purchases happen offline

Our research shows that mobile has now eclipsed desktop as a research tool with consumers spending more time on their mobile devices than ever. In fact, mobile devices account for up to 64 percent of time spent online and 42 percent of mobile users consider mobile the most important resource in their purchase process. 

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  • Report: Mobile Ad Receptiveness, Engagement and Action.
  • Infographic: General Research Findings in US and UK.
  • Infographic: The Role of Mobile across Gender and Generations.